Firstly, I’d like to make something clear.  I am not a sewist, a seamstress or a sewer.  I am not a tailor.  Neither am I a pattern-maker.  I’ve never taken a sewing course, or had the priviledge to take design courses.

I am, however, a maker of things, a DIY’er with a great need for several kinds of wardrobes.

Category One Clothing – Although I am currently on a medical leave, my normal day job is as a Registered Insurance Broker, which requires office casual wear.

Category Two Clothing – Several nights a week, I teach Belly Dance, which demands comfy, sweat-absorbing, shape-showing exercise gear.

Category Three Clothing – I perform on occasion, and need dance costumes as well.

Category Four Clothing – As I am home for a while now, I find that my normal home-type clothing doesn’t make the grade.  At this point, all I’ve really got is the kind I get paint on and really don’t worry too much about.

Over the next months, I need to create a home wardrobe that will allow me to be comfortable at home as well as being presentable enough to run around the village with.  I’ll also need to create a work wardrobe for the summer – one that will carry me through client meetings as well as my desk work.  I also want to grow my teaching wardrobe into something a tad more glamorous than worn yoga pants and tees.

Your company on this journey is welcome!  Feel free to comment on what interests you, confuses you, bothers you or makes you smile.  Your feedback is always welcome.

Here we go…


Please tell me what you think! I enjoy food for thought.

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